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Tudor Serbov, mayor of "Varnita" village.

We have lost it. We lost it not only from the point of view of information, but also from the point of view of the entire generation education, this is if we take into consideration all the events that took place in this small country of ours. Regretfully on the opposite side, that is the left side of Nistru, as we call it today because we do not recognize either the Moldovan Republic of Transnistria or Transnistria, this is the resolution of the present government that it is the South-East part or the left side of Transnistria of which is spoken more often, where an extraordinary informational propaganda has been held...

I.M. - ...a psychological war...

T.S. - Yes, they have worked psychologically. Can you imagine that the 10-year-old child who is now 20, in 10 years received an education in the spirit of...?

T.C. - anti Moldovan spirit...

T.S. - ...yes, in an anti Moldovan spirit, which says, that Romanian people has come altogether with Romanization. Even for our natives who live there is hard to believe in reality, in the fact that we are who we are:It is a very big problem, a very big one and mainly because we lost in our propaganda. Moreover we lost the informational war too. The job has not been done! The security has not performed its job, the parliaments have not done their job either, and they all took advantage of the left side together with Russia, Ukraine and other countries from Europe in order to make money here. They made big money, and even today they do, but if there are money there has to be an economy as well, there are money and politics, it is very difficult to argue and get to a result because as you know all the countries make money here: Russia and Ukraine too: How can one speak about pacifism when they rule all these things and when all the illegal traffic is done through Transnistria and the same is with Ukraine?

It is difficult to speak today about how and who will do the reconciliation. The elder brother will never reconcile us nor Ukrainians will do this because they are the same Slavs and have no interest, or better to say have no other interest in this region, except the economical one as they see it, because they developed a sale market all between Ukraine and Pamaraz. Today on the left side of Nistru are all the productions, everything that belongs to Ukraine. You know, where there is economy and money, politics comes in the middle ground. It's no use to expect help from these countries. It is not clear why the country government proceeded to all these things and removed Romania, this country had at least some real proposals and maybe with their help more problems would have been solved, because they viewed them with more realistic eyes. The only thing the separatists do in such cases was to exclude all the people included in the list, scholars who were deeply familiar with the whole situation and were able to solve it, but the change of any member of the committee has brought to the ground every effort, because the new member was unfamiliar with all the facts. Regretfully again the Transnistrian side are the same today as they were from the very beginning. The only thing that changed was that they doubled, and other members were added to the committee. If to speak about the person who might solve all these problems then I would like to quote comrade Smirnov who said: 'Maybe ten or one hundred years after we will unite, when people will understand we need each other. Today we don't need each other, we have our own economy, they have theirs; they have their debts of milliards, we don't have any. They owe us for gas, they owe us for everything, they owe us, they owe us, they owe us:Meanwhile we our job and enhance the republic, increase the economy, and things are going better with us. It is clear that it's not quite like this; we better know the fact that the Sheriff is today stopped. The sheriff is tied up, and if to speak more concretely he is under the guidance of Ukraine and of Russia too. The allocated money are all destined for paying off the debts; they have big debts, two months for the pensions, they salaries haven't been paid and there are some regions where people didn't receive their pensions for 10 years. So they have nothing to boast with in their economy, but in reality I remember when the ex-ex-president of the Republic of Moldova, Mr. Snegur said that ' yes, today only the representatives of the countries that are not involved in the conflict can reconcile us and bring peace here' and NATO was in their view etc, which, regretfully, Mr. Snegur as I think has drawn back; I don't know what frightened him if we take into consideration the fact that mass media and the foreign countries stood up for it. Even today if we analyze the governing of the ex-president, Lucinschi, we see that he was not interested at all in this kind of affairs, he had no interest to create peace and unity, he was driven by his own economical reasons. Maybe, and God is my witness, only watching the pictures of Mr. Lucinschi arm in arm with Smirnov and his sons in America and other countries, there being secrets for the Romanian country, for our Moldovan country, we realized who and where they go. It is not a secret that only a foreign country is able to put everything in order all the stupid things done today. They speak about an economic embargo, but there is no such thing, it is more like a stoppage of recognizing the country they live in and which does not suits them. Only through concrete actions of the European Council, NATO, and actions of Americans, Germans or whoever would come to help us get rid of the Slavs who live here and who have concrete benefits here, and would never make peace in this region. The pacifist soldiers receive high salaries in all countries whereas in our country he gets some 10-15 ley, an officer some 60-70 $, in comparison with Russians who receive 300-500-700, and Ukrainians with 700$! Would they leave this place if we take into consideration the fact that they also receive salaries in their native countries too? And there is no danger for them! Nobody attack them, nobody shoot them, nobody frighten them; moreover they kindly take away with echelons our goods for almost nothing in exchange and carry it in their country where they make business with it, and these are also Russian, Ukrainian etc representatives. Once again we convince ourselves that this side will never make peace in this region. It is convenient for them the way it is, and we, since we are Moldavians and they have taught us to bend our heads in every matter for the sword to cut them easier, have lowered our heads once more and think: who is going to be the next one to come and do what we had to do? Regretfully, and I go turn again to history, we have tried to defend our dignity in this region at all, we haven't started an attack to conquer them, we wanted to preserve our self-respect, the dignity of our nation, we wanted to protect what we had. For this matter we have been betrayed, we have lost thousands and thousands of citizens, hundreds of them are completely lost and we don't even know where they rest etc. Is this why we brought Russians to reconcile us? If you take today not the mass media of the Republic of Moldova, but the one from the left regions, Tiraspol, Bender etc and analyze it you will quite clearly see what is with the 14th Army artillery battalion, the armored car, the officers, what was the role played by Gregorev-Lebedev (from the Russian lebedi 'swan') who had come under the name of Grigorev and later has become White Swan, and then Black Swan, that is he himself has recognized that Russians had not been correct in their actions towards our republic, our citizens, our Moldavians, but now they are not those aggressors that he had seen when he has been sent to fight here with us. It is very correct to say that we haven't fought with Transnistria, as the left side of Nistru has been named. We have fought with the 14th Army artillery battalion, with a regular army that allowed like criminals to divide on forms of women, of children the weapons and munitions from the kazaks who were coming or better to say were sent from Russia, Leningrad, Moscow, Krasnodar, from wherever you want, many of those arrested and verified by us were former prisoners, former employees of the Russian army or had come as pensioners via our country. We precisely know how many armored cars there have been in this region, in reality we didn't even possess armored cars, but speaking about present if you started off for a battle either you fight or you run, or don't even interfere with it. We remained with our running away from the region that has been occupied by us, not occupied but in our control, in the control of the Republic of Moldova, the governmental officials, of course I don't know what they took after, Mr. Snegur with his assistants, his sufleurs, who gave the command of retreating, it is clear that this was done, from our suppositions, under Russia's influence, where they discussed that in an hour they would be in Iasi if it were needed. Maybe I am not correct saying these words, but it hasn't been spoken on the Republic of Moldova's behalf but on that of Transnistria's, Tiraspol's, 14th Army artillery battalion, even Russia, that is from colonies, generals which are known and if there has existed a region where we had contacts with them it was because of this that we didn't have so many attacks. There have been attacks and quite a lot, but when they had to retreat and it was imposed that all the people from this region should have retreated to Bolboaca, we had remained with a small group and the armored cars haven't come here yet, that is their aggressiveness was much weaker, but still we have been bombed. This was their war technique they promoted, but on the Nistru bank there were anti-tank guns, and dynamites that belonged to the 14th Army artillery battalion as far as one could see. The actions we want to achieve today are boiling in our souls for years, but firstly we didn't have the necessary support from the mayor who was saying: 'if you have to, do it!'. Today I have been being a mayor for three years and for three years I rack my brain and still the idea is present but the financial support is lacking. It's not a problem with the ideas, we held many ideas in our souls, but with no financial support what could be done? You can only limit yourself to debating the ideas. Today we have some support from many localities where the guys are already ready, the county is ready to stand for us, we also have talked to Mr. Tarlev to whom we presented the ideas and I think he will support us as well; I spoke with the people in the territory and they will give us their support, there are even more than ten thousands of leys raised, what means that we are already ready to begin some project works. We hope to evolve if we start and if we are active. And the first stone, on the 19th of July, ten years afterwards we want to be laid in a notorious place of the country. And again we come back to the informative war: hundreds of monuments have been raised on the left side of Nistru. Meanwhile we haven't been able to raise a crucifix for those boys who died in war. Even if good willed people had raised a crucifix here and there in the town on the places where the boys died, they have been removed and thrown away. And it is very painful because this idea had to come not from the town hall but from the government of the Republic. Nevertheless let's keep in memory those who with their courage and heroism did everything for us to preserve what we had. But regretfully everyone keeps silent I don't know why that even Europe will gossip about us; great is the mourn but what can we do? We have to keep on going, we are optimistic!
T.S. - Again you make turn strictly with my face to everything we have. If we have to speak about Varnita locality then I would say that we try to collaborate with them because we have common electrical nets, common gas nets, as well as common telephone nets and aqueducts, but regretfully a great part of them, for instance, the aqueduct of which 75 - 80% of water the city receives from Varnita. Whether you want it or not when times come and we have to perform some fitting out works which has to be done by the enterprises that are situated in the region the answer is the same: 'But why do we have to do it?' This five-storied house in the center belongs today partially to Bender city. Is it normal to be it like this? It's not! If it's a town hall it has to remain a town hall! And they answer like this: 'Mr. Mayor, (they speak to me only with "mister") according to the Constitution of the Moldovan Republic of Prednitstrovia, article 14, Varnita belongs to the Moldovan Republic of Prednitstrovia. Do you want to make troubles?' I say: "ok, them give some help, let's do:" "No, in Chisinau". "Let's build the road:" "We don't have money." "How comes that you cry loudly you have money since you have a locality!". A district from north belongs to Bender city. We have 13 enterprises, the JBT factory, the JBEPKD factory, Timu etc that are situated on the territory of Varnita, but they want them to be considered as theirs. Is this normal? They do not pay the taxes, and they don't help us with anything! They do not refuse nor do they give! The town says it cannot, that it has no money. I have concrete analyses: how much they have to pay for water, how much for the electric net, how much should they pay for many other expenses: I have declared the situation to highest officials but today, regretfully, we are blocked and we don't have the right to force these enterprises to subdue to local public administration. And all the incomes should go directly in the Republic of Moldova's budget. It's a paradox! On one hand nothing has been done on the left side of Nistru, on the other hand there have been destroyed everything that belonged to Moldova 1. nobody even bothered to ask; and 2. joint venture have been created: Moldova with Romania, with MRP, but they still closed them! There is the so-called Smirnov's ukaz: do not permit to pass on the MRP territory any transport or other that is Romanian! Not even transit is allowed through MRP! Voila, this is the reality! And we want to have something in common with them! God forbid! Where millions are circulating, you won't find a common stand with the millionaires!

I.M. - What is your name and what can you say about the locality?

T.S. - I am a citizen of the Republic of Moldova, a patriot of our nation, fighter in the wartime and fighter for justice; I am the mayor of this village. I have been elected in a courageous fight, years spent in trials with the opposite part. My name is Tudor Serbov. I was born in 1947. I was a general director at the joint-stock company "Mecanizatorul" till now. The village has 6 150 inhabitants, there are 785 school-children of which some two-hundred are refugee from Parcani, Bender, Tiraspol, North Quarter, and from other villages from which they come to study here. The school is too small for our children and we have to rent something on the territory of the village, which again is absurd! There is the Russian school of Bender city in the North Quarter, which we rent for the Moldavian, Romanian kids who live in the North Quarter and respectively in that part of the village. It is very hard for us and they request payment for it. The problem is that we cannot find ways of solving this situation. Last year we started to feed the children; we restored the refectory, bought food and for a month and a half fed the children whom we are obliged to feed. We have approximatively 400 children that have to be fed obligatorily. On the 1st of September we began to feed them with normal food: tea, milk, porridge, sandwiches, bread, two times per week meat: it means that we try. Later in October-November we started to feed some more 90 children from poor families. We strengthened our forces and after the winter vacation we began to feed the 200 refugee children and dissatisfaction arose because we feed these strange children and ours we don't, so we limited here and there our expenses and from the 1st of February all the children from the 1st to the 11th grades benefit of a 100$ food. We have had troubles because of this aids because we directed them towards the little children, later other troubles came on our behalf.