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Eleonora Cecavschi, Grigoreopol

In 1989, when the law of the official language has been adopted, our school started to teach in Latin alphabet on the 1st of September 1989. We have studied using the Latin alphabet in school up to 1992. In 1992, after Transnistria has been occupied forced, with the help of the 14th Army artillery battalion that belonged to Russia, all the schools with teaching in Romanian language have been compelled to start teaching with Cyrillic alphabet. Among these 47 schools has been the School 1 from Grigoriopol.

Armed Kazaks had come into the school and started shooting with automatic guns Kalashnikov the letters of the Latin alphabet. The principle of that time, Mrs. Saiinsus Claudia, has been fired from her position and in her place, as a principle of the school a military came, Ivan Arsenev. All the teacher staff that had tried to oppose to this has practically been kneeled and imposed such conditions that they didn