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People residing on the left bank of the Dniester say the Transnistrian militia have confiscated their automobiles and refuse to return them without giving reasons, but they believe this was done because the cars have Moldovan registration numbers.

Ion Manole, chairman of the organization "Promo-Lex", told a news conference on Tuesday that the rights of the Transnistria residents have been violated for many years and the confiscation of the cars is a way of intimidating the population. He said that over 10 such cases have been officially reported since December 2006 but the real number is much higher.

Mihai Daru, resident of Corjova village in Transnistria, said that his car was confiscated and returned only after he paid the fine. "I was not told any reason but they warned me I must not drive a car with Moldovan registration numbers in Transnistria," Daru said.

Petru Casian, resident of Dubasari district, said his automobile was seized on February 28 and not yet given back.

"We, the local councilors, are in the same situation. I also remained without the car. The militia said the car was not cleared at the Transnistrian customs. I recovered the car later, not yet the driving license," councilor in Cojova village Iurie Cotofana said.

Ion Manole said the Moldovan authorities should intervene and solve these cases through the Joint Control Commission.