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Information about the situation of national schools form transnistrian region of Republic of Moldova

In this area of R.M., which is under control of the administration of Tiraspol, function 32 Moldavian schools and 15 mixed schools? The Moldavian students, during ten years, are obliged to study basing on kirilic alphabet. In those schools study only 30% of Moldavian children. The others are obliged to study in Russian language.

The books, on base of which the children study, have more than 15-20 years. With this kind of books only 20-25% of them are assured.

Seven Moldovan schools (from Tiraspol, Tighina, Grigoriopol, Dubasari, Ribnita, Corjovo, Roghi) due to teachers' and parents' efforts, managed to organize the study process like in R.M. As a consequence for this the administration from Tiraspol declared them institutions out of law. Many schools don't have their own headquarters, don't have teachers, books, didactic material, artistic literature, sport inventory, musical instruments, computing technology, mean of communication and transport. Hundred of children must walk every day dozen of kilometers to get to school. The taxes for classrooms rent are too high.

School nr. 20 from Tiraspol, having over 700 students, run their activities in 9 classrooms. Here, lessons are of 35 minutes and proceed in 3 shifts, beginning at 7:30 and finishing at 20:30.

School nr.19 from Tiraspol, with almost 2000 of students, activates in 3 rented headquarters, which are situated at a big distance from each other.

The boarding school from Tiraspol, where 350 children study, for 4 months didn't have water at all because of their debts. At the moment the school has 1.3 mln. Lei debts, for water.

School nr.3 from Dubasari function in the village Cocieri and has a building destroyed from 1992. here study children from 17 localities.

School nr.12 from Ribnita, with almost 700 students, proceeds in 3 shifts, having a few rented classrooms.

The school from Civrola, function in a building which needs a total restoration.

The school from Roghi although that have its own headquarter, also needs total restoration. 

Activating without the transnistrian authorization, these education institution risk to be closed. It's the example of the school nr.1 from Grigoriopol, which, after six ears of proceeding was liquidated in May 2002. this is why the school was obliged to move its headquarter in the village Dorotscaia, district of Chisinau. From September 1st, 2002 over 200 of students and 20 teachers cover a distance of 35 km. using 3 rented busses. The refugee school from Grigoriopol function in second shift of the headquarter of school from Dorotscaia and, lacked of all the necessary, is in a very difficult situation.